Hypochlorous Acid e11ement X Concentrated - 30mL


e11ement X is 6x's stronger than our original formula. Use it to deep clean and target your clogged pores and angry acne prone skin.  This powerful solution is the key to happier skin days.

e11ement X is a spot treatment for: 

Angry Acne Prone Skin, Fussy Follicles & Problematic Pimples! From ingrown hairs, razor bumps, eye styes, and piercing bumps, to toe fungus and warts! e11ement X will be your "go-to" solution.

All Natural - Safe for all skin types – Hypoallergenic – Cruelty free 

Directions: Saturate clean cotton pad or swab with solution and apply to target area. Let air dry.

For External use only.  Do not spray directly in eyes or mouth. If irritation occurs, rinse with water. Avoid hard and soft surface contact.

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